Czech Director Visits Sheffield

Staff members Neil Bermel and Luděk Knittl hosted an evening with Czech director Robert Sedláček at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. Sedláček’s new film, Jan Palach, reimagines, based on historical sources, the tragic events of January 1969, when university student Palach set himself on fire as a protest against the way Czechoslovak society had retreated into totalitarianism after the suppression of the Prague Spring. The film has subsequently received the Czech Film Critics’ Award for the best film of 2018.  “It was a real privilege to meet with the director and hear his thoughts about the film, its making and the events that inspired it,” said Bermel. 
The visit, sponsored by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Czech Centre London, is one of a number by prominent Czech authors and artists over the past decade, and Sheffield’s independent Showroom Cinema has been a frequent partner in these events.